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Q: Aren't you just overcharging for an off-the shelf tube?
A: No. We started with off-the shelf tubes, but nothing worked perfectly. Available tubes are the right size but too floppy, or the right stiffness but too large. After some research and development, we determined the right combination of material and dimensions, and custom extruded the tubing just for this product.

Q: Why do you offer motor oil? Don't you know that's bad for cables?
A: Yamaha recommends motor oil for the cables, so we started there for the first generation product. It is proven to work, and won't void the warranty. We are developing a dry-type lubricant, which we hope to offer by this spring.

Q: Can the syringes be refilled?
A: We can't guarantee they can be refilled. Over several months, the plunger swells with oil, preventing it from being drawn back to suck up oil. This doesn't affect the injection of oil, but the plunger can't be drawn backwards at some point. We do sell refill kits for a lower price that include three pre-filled syringes with no tube

Q: Do you ship internationally? What about customs?
A: Yes we do. Please contact us for pricing and payment options. 

Q: Do you do group buys? My friends and I want to save some money.
A: Yes. Have a representative from your group contact us for details.

Another question?
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