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Introducing the new EZ Glider Cable Lubricator! This specially designed system makes required lubrication of your control cables a snap. 

This patent pending cable lubricator is quite simple. A small diameter hollow tube is placed between the control cable and sheath, and oil is injected precisely where you need it. This system requires minimal disassembly of your bike compared to other products, and is much faster and less messy. Each kit comes with an injection tube, and three syringes pre-filled with oil (one for each cable).

Lubricating your cables will help alleviate a difficult to pull clutch lever, and also help reduce twitchiness in your throttle. Try it out - you will be amazed at the difference!

Please consult your manual to make sure that cable lubrication is recommended. Some bikes have teflon lined cables that do not need lubrication.


EZ Glider Cable Lubricator
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